Time Clock

Time Clock

Time Clock

Our Time Clock Module interacts seamlessly with the Scheduling module. All members of your agency (including volunteers) can punch in & out using our simple web-based time clock interface. Simply enter your username and password and the software will automatically and immediately check the schedule to verify the member is currently scheduled to work. Any discrepancies will require an explanation by the member and approval by a supervisor.

Imagine having no more paper time cards! Eliminate the need to manually add hours each week. Reduce the risk of human error. eSchedule will take care of it all.

Powerful Yet Flexible

Completely integrated with the schedule Quick & easy review/approval of time and associated punches
Export to payroll Members can view their time card online
Managers control the allowed "grace period" Request PTO (paid time off)
Automatically identify on-time or late punches Automatically accrue PTO based on your policies
Simple to complex: We can handle your time clock calculations: Multiple pay rates, Stipdends, On-call, and more...

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The Time Clock module can interface with most payroll companies. All data is housed within eSchedule – including the schedule itself and employee punch data. We’ll work closely with you to setup a properly formatted data feed export to be sent to your agency’s payroll company each pay period.

Features & benefits of the Time Clock & Payroll module include:

Additional Advanced Features:

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Biometric Time Clock

eSchedule can be configured with an optional biometric fingerprint reader. Eliminate “buddy punching” by requiring your members to punch in/out by scanning their finger.

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