Training & Certifications


Training & Certifications

Being proactive has never been so easy! Get proactive – allow your members to track all the classes they attend & view progress against their certifications.

The ability to maintain and track staff skill levels is critical to the success of any organization. Do you know when your members’ certifications are due to expire? Worse yet, has a member worked a shift with an expired certification?


eSchedule certification tracking notifies members of expirations, tracks the receipt of expiration messages and provides expiration reports. Certification tracking is also integrated within the scheduling module. If a critical certification has expired, the member will not be allowed to sign-up for shifts or clock in.

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Track Training Classes & CME's

eSchedule allows you to track your members' classes, continuing education and the CMEs they attend.

This is just a short list of the benefits & features. Contact us to learn more about how the Training & Certifications module can be the ideal fit for your agency.

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